Voting in EPDM Workflow

Ballot BoxSolidWorks’ Enterprise PDM (EPDM) system allows you to capture electronic signatures and date/time stamps on documents as they progress through the system’s integrated workflow.  This information can be captured in the form of variables on the document’s data card.  These variables can then be written to the file properties (Word, Excel, SolidWorks, and AutoCAD) and/or placed into the actual document.  This functionality gets really interesting though when you place conditions on EPDM workflow transitions to allow voting for approvals (i.e. this isn’t approved until 2 out of 3 reviewers have approved it, but all 3 approvals are not required).  Continue Reading

EPDM Workflow and Rev Blocks

Title BlockThe SolidWorks Enterprise PDM (EPDM) workflow can be used to automatically show revision history by populating the revision block table on your drawings.  By configuring a set of variables to hold current and past revision information, and setting those variables in a workflow process, you can free designers from the tedious process of putting revision block information into SolidWorks each time a drawing is approved.  Continue Reading

Customizing ST Workflow in Web

Web BrowsersFrequently, we get asked the question, “Can I customize ST workflows in Web Editor?”  The answer is yes…and no.  Web Editor does allow for some workflow customizations, but there are some limitations.  We’ll cover these limitations, and go over some things to watch for when customizing ST workflow in Web, and deploying those customizations.  Continue Reading

Using Categories for Advanced Configuration of EPDM

categoriesEPDM can be configured to use category-based logic to divide and sort documents inside the EPDM vault.  Once a document is in a certain category, it can then be automatically sent into specific workflows.  Continue Reading

Your Process Stinks. You Need to Change it.

Your Process Stinks

Yup, I said it. Your company’s processes STINK.  They are slow, inefficient, and have been around since the company started.  Some  are “organic” processes that have developed out of the need to get things done, while others have been implemented to fix a problem, prevent problems, or increase efficiency on getting products out the door. They still stink, trust me. I know. 6zrpgdcx74

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Why Don’t More People Use SharePoint Workflow?

I was pretty surprised recently while giving a SharePoint presentation at a San Francisco conference. Of the 60 attendees, only four used Worksharepointflow in SharePoint. My comment back to the audience was this: How can you have collaboration (which is what SharePoint is for) if you don’t have workflow? Most nodded their head in agreement. This exchange got me to thinking Continue Reading

Advanced Product Data Management Engines

From the last post on this topic, we’ve collected five basic “engines” at work in even the simplest Product Data Management (PDM) systems that manage CAD files:

  • File vaulting
  • CAD relationship interpretation
  • Multi-document file vaulting
  • Lifecycle
  • Security

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