PLM 360 Best Practice: Syncing Field Names and IDs

Best Practices for Autodesk PLM 360Working with Autodesk PLM 360 over time, we at Razorleaf have developed a number of best practices that apply to any company utilizing the tool. Even though many of these best practices are simple, they can have a great impact on efficiency during an implementation project — from planning to deployment through maintaining the system. Keeping field names and field IDs synchronized is a great way to save you and your developers time and energy during your PLM 360 deployment. Continue Reading

Top 3 Secret Powers of Web Browsers

Icons for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet ExplorerEveryone has their preferences related to web browsers, but regardless of whether you like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or something else, you may not have realized some of the fancy things that your browser can do. From text editing to mathematical problem solving, have a look at our list of 3 top browser secret powers. Continue Reading

DraftSight Enterprise PDM Integration


If you haven’t heard of it yet, and you use AutoCAD from Autodesk, you should learn a bit about DraftSight. In particular, if you use Enterprise PDM to manage DWG or DXF files, it is definitely time to give DraftSight another look, because SolidWorks now offers an integration between DraftSight and EPDM. Continue Reading

Aras Innovator Activity Variables in Workflow

Aras Workflow IconWorkflow processes in Aras Innovator can have their own metadata (in addition to tasks, voting details, an electronic signature, and the metadata of routed content). This workflow-specific metadata is in the form of activity variables, which can be defined by the administrator on a per-process-type basis. Aras Innovator workflow activity variables can be used for dynamic user assignment (to workflows), for updating protected/read-only fields, and for many other needs. In this post, we’ll show how to use an activity variable to update a read-only (protected) field, and even share the source code needed to enable this.

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Combining PDF Files in DriveWorks

Adding PDFs Together IconDriveWorks can push SolidWorks, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel to create Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files from drawings, models, documents, and spreadsheets. This is great news, but when you want to share many PDF files with a customer or partner, it would be helpful to have all of this information in just one PDF file. With triggered actions, DriveWorks 11 can now watch for documents to be generated, and then perform operations once they all exist. Razorleaf added the final touch to this equation – a DriveWorks specification task to select multiple PDF files and combine them into a single PDF. Continue Reading

SmarTeam Data Model Designer Fails on Permissions

Icon for SmarTeam Data Model DesignerFrom time to time we encounter errors that leave even the most experienced of us puzzled. Such was the case with a problem we encountered with the ENOVIA SmarTeam Data Model Designer. If you’ve seen the message, “SmarTeam Internal Error” in the SmarTeam DMD, we have a possible resolution for you (this message can actually indicate many different problems, so we might or might not have the resolution to your specific problem). Continue Reading

DriveWorks 11: Pulling The Trigger(ed Action)

Icon for DriveWorks Triggered ActionsAsk people in the DriveWorks community about what was introduced in DriveWorks 11 and Triggered Actions will come up frequently. What may not come up is what DriveWorks Triggered Actions really are, how Triggered Actions are used, and why they’re worth digging into. Well it is time to clear this up once and for all.

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