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CADFIT (CAD File Inspection Tool) is a free tool that organizations using SolidWorks can use to discover problems with the integrity of their relational data. Once the tool is run and the raw data is uploaded to the web, a free summary report is provided as feedback on the quality of the surveyed data. Additional reports are also available for a fee.

CADFIT offers engineers an excellent way to easily understand the quality of their CAD data, and to target repairs to their data set. This is particularly useful to those preparing for a PDM data load. Those seeking to justify better CAD data management processes/tools will also find the tool invaluable as it quantifies the scale of existing problems.

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Q: Can CADFIT be used to analyze files managed by my current document management system?

A: CADFIT is intended to be run against files that are stored in network shared directories. Running CADFIT against files that are stored in a document management system yields little of value.

Q: The program needs access to all of my files. Does it open or alter them?

A: None of the files are opened in their respective editing applications (not even in read-only mode). The files are not altered in any way, and in fact, SolidWorks-authored tools are leveraged during the inspection process. You can rest assured knowing that your dataset has not been modified.

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Oystar Logo“What an eye opener! CADFIT showed us how bad our networks really were.  We had no idea of the thousands of duplicate and missing files in our system.  We actually thought we were handling the data well.  The CADFIT tool was the justification we needed for enterprise PDM.

Those people that work in a non-PDM environment really have no idea what can happen to their network files. Employees make duplicate files and put them on hard drives, move files around on the network.  Without a tool like CADFIT, how would you know?”

James Perron
Systems Administrator
OYSTAR Packaging Technologies



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