Razorleaf at COE 2012

COE 2012 Conference Banner

Even if you’re not able to attend COE 2012 Annual Conference this year, join us for live updates from the event by following us on Twitter.  Razorleaf is also presenting at the event, and we are posting our presentations to www.razorleaf.com/coe2012. If you do happen to be at the event, you can meet up with us – just drop us a line. Continue Reading

SmarTeam V5R21 Compatibility

SolidWorks 2012 plus SmarTeam V5R21Dassault Systemès released ENOVIA SmarTeam V5R21 SP2 in November 2011 and V5R21 SP3 in February 2012.  These latest releases are giving customers the ability to move forward with new system roll-outs, server upgrades, etc. on desired platforms. Continue Reading

ENOVIA SmarTeam SQLMonitor

SmarTeam SQL MonitorENOVIA SmarTeam Editor constantly interacts with the underlying database server to send and retrieve data. It can be very useful to monitor the SQL statements the application uses to interact with the database, especially in a troubleshooting scenario. This article describes the step-by-step process for enabling the SQLMonitor capabilities of ENOVIA SmarTeam Editor.  Continue Reading

Rand Worldwide Partners with Razorleaf

Rand Worldwide LogoRazorleaf is pleased to announce our recent relationship with Rand Worldwide, a global provider of technology solutions to organizations with engineering design and information technology requirements.  Rand Worldwide selected Razorleaf to provide Rand’s Dassault Systèmes customers with ongoing phone support for ENOVIA SmarTeam, CATIA, and other Dassault products.  Rand’s customers began transitioning to Razorleaf’s support processes late in 2010.

Continue Reading

Oracle Database Report for SmarTeam

For those of you running an Oracle database as your repository for SmarTeam, check out this helpful utility.  The SmarTeam Database Oracle General Report tool is a collection of plain text files containing batch commands and SQL statements that can generate a detailed HTML report of key Oracle statuses and settings.  The tool is available from Dassault’s support site by searching for QA00000002533.  Continue Reading

ENOVIA SmarTeam .NET Problems

Multiple ENOVIA SmarTeam versions are currently experiencing problems as a result of a series of Microsoft Windows Updates published earlier this year.  Specifically, the problems are related to several SmarTeam executables, including SmarTeam Editor, the SmarTeam Workflow Service, and other SmarTeam executables.  The core problem is that Microsoft appears to have changed their implementation of some garbage collection code in all versions of the .NET Framework, and this code is fundamental to a number of applications like SmarTeam.   Continue Reading

CATIA V5 UUID Uniqueness

Given that UUID stands for Universal Unique Identifier, it may seem strange to talk about uniqueness in this context.  But it comes up more often than users might like inside of CATIA V5.  It isn’t simple to determine the UUID of a CATIA V5 file, nor is it easy to manipulate the value.  With a little bit of information though, it isn’t too hard to avoid some basic CATIA V5 UUID problems.  Continue Reading