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DriveWorks 7 Update Course Details
DriveWorks 7 – a revolutionary step in the life of the Design Automation tool – is now available with a host of major functional and architectural changes.
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Even if you’re not able to attend COE 2010 Annual Conference this year, join us for live updates from the event by following us on Twitter.
Continue reading Join Us at OTC 2010
If you’re involved in the energy industry, and more specifically in oil & gas, you’re probably attending OTC 2010 or know someone who is.
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Razorleaf Heads to ACE 2010
As part of its ongoing involvement in the PLM community, Razorleaf plans to attend the Aras Community Event 2010 in early May 2010.
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Cloud-y with a Chance of PLM
There is a lot of buzz around cloud computing today, and not all of it is positive. But how are cloud computing and PLM, specifically, related?
Continue readingWhy SOA is Important in ENOVIA V6
We at Razorleaf have been going through the ENOVIA V6R2010x documentation to figure out the “real” meaning behind the much publicized SOA readiness of V6.
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Welcome to Razorleaf’s Business Technology Newsletter.  We hope you find this content helpful, and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Global Collaboration
Global Collaboration and TeamworkIt is certainly a buzzword (or buzz-phrase), but that doesn’t make “global collaboration” any less relevant.  Even Razorleaf’s smallest clients have plans for designing, building, or supporting their products globally.  With that in mind, we felt it made sense to devote one of our newsletters to this topic.  This month, look for articles on how PDM and PLM systems are extending to manage multi-site data, and how tools like 3DVIA Composer are changing the game for global communication.  Dig deeper to see all the ways in which engineering and manufacturing software tools are supporting companies’ needs to operate in distributed, multi-site environments.



Industry Insider
DriveWorks Live: Now Appearing on the Internet
When people get started with DriveWorks, they may only be planning to automate mouse clicks in SolidWorks, but with DriveWorks Live, they can take their design automations to a much broader audience.
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ENOVIA V6: PLM Platform for Global Collaboration
Companies implementing a global engineering and manufacturing strategy are taking a hard look at how everyone, regardless of location or status, can collaborate across their PLM business processes, and ENOVIA V6 is helping in this process.
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3DVIA Composer and Language Translation
Global collaboration depends on communication, and since there is no universal written or spoken language, the communication part of collaboration is still a challenge for many companies.
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Tacton’s TCsite for Quoting
Sales Configurators configure products. They understand product structure. They understand the interrelations between and within components in your product.  But if you need to configure a sales quotation, check out Tacton’s TCsite.
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Multi-Site and Multi-Vault in ENOVIA SmarTeam
Collaborating on a design project, around the world, is not simple. There are vast distances, slow networks, lousy connections and the like.
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Technical Tips
ENOVIA SmarTeam Multi-Site and RepliWeb
We are sometimes asked the questions, “Should I upgrade RepliWeb in our ENOVIA SmarTeam Multi-Site / Multi-Vault environment?” and “If so, how should I do the upgrade?”
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Multiple Vaults in Aras Innovator for Global PLM Support
The majority of businesses these days have a need to manage documents in at least one location other than the “main” site. Luckily, most PLM systems, including Aras Innovator, have the ability to house vaults in multiple locations to support such a multi-site environment.
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Surface Area Configuration for SQL Server
If we apply the definition or surface area to the world of IT security, it refers to the amount of exposure a system has to potential attackers. In Microsoft SQL Server, there are a number of services, ports, and connections that can be configured to control how much “surface area” is exposed.
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EPDM and Replicated Servers
There comes a time when your business will expand to other locations. You might start a new office in another state, or even another country.  Enterprise PDM has options to support you when this happens.
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Enable Anonymous Access in SharePoint WSS
There are cases when you will want unauthenticated users to be able to access a SharePoint site. The most common reason is when you are using SharePoint for your public-facing Web site.
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TactonWorks Weldment Profile Control
The latest incarnation of the TactonWorks product, release 4.2.2, has introduced an additional level of control over SolidWorks models. Companies that leverage the SolidWorks weldment functionality will benefit from these new features.
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Developer’s Corner
SolidWorks Event Wrappers
The SolidWorks API (Application Programming Interface) is immensely powerful. In fact, if something is doable within SolidWorks, the chances are good that there is a corresponding API.
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Dealing with Timezones in a Global Environment
Global collaboration can be tricky for a number of reasons. For instance, when developing an application that is shared between users in two or more time zones, an important item to consider is the accuracy of time and date calculations.
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This Month’s Contributors:
 Derek Neiding  Johnny Molica
 Daniel Rohats  Dennis Lindinger
 Jonathan Scott paul Paul Gimbel
 Michael Craffey  Michelle Carney
rick Vik Paranjpe  Paul Luc
steve Steve Dunn  Sean Kuner



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