Composer for All Your BOMs

With so many different perspectives on the BOM in today’s organizations, companies have come to expect that different departments will be creating and re-creating content to describe their products.  Some will do it with Microsoft Excel, some with Microsoft Word, others with Adobe Illustrator, and others still with an alternative CAD package like AutoCAD.  With new tools like 3DVIA Composer, all of this extra effort can be saved.  Once metadata is stored in a set of CAD files, 3DVIA Composer lets users slice and dice the content and BOM information in whatever way is relevant for a particular audience, with full associativity for downstream changes.  Setting xBOM management in PDM aside, let’s look at how 3DVIA Composer can present very different views of a product’s BOM, visually.  Continue Reading

Dassault Publishes V6R2011

Dassault Systemes delivered the first real release of V6 back in 2009 with V6R2010.  Since that time, the PLM software provider has been releasing new iterations of V6 twice a year.  The most recent release, V6R2011, shows increasing maturity in a number of areas such that parts of the product which were only “preliminary” in previous versions are now fully functional for production use.  There are highlights to all brands in the V6 portfolio, but let’s focus on some of the changes in the brands most relevant to Razorleaf clients: CATIA, 3DVIA, and ENOVIAContinue Reading

3DVIA Composer and SmarTeam Multi-Site

Not too long ago, Dassault Systemes announced integ

Getting Great 2D from 3D with 3DVIA Composer

A lot of people have big ideas in mind for how they will use 3DVIA Composer to create new types of output or documents, like animations and renderings.  But don’t forget how great 3DVIA Composer is at the basics.  A number of features in 3DVIA Composer are helpful in defining and maintaining realistic and informative 2D images of 3D geometry.  You can set and retain specific views, define types of explosions, and set components to appear/disappear in multiple ways.  All of this yields shorter delivery times on documentation, and speedy updates to existing 3DVIA Composer content.  Continue Reading

3DVIA Composer and Language Translation

Global collaboration depends on communication, and since there is no universal written or spoken language, the communication part of collaboration is still a challenge for many companies. Fortunately, the use of 3D tools and remote meetings are addressing this challenge in the design process, but there are still downstream communication challenges with internal customers like manufacturing and field service. From assembly instructions to routine maintenance documents, the desire to create documentation without having to go through language translation is growing. 3DVIA Composer gives companies the ability to communicate with downstream users through animations and detailed images instead of relying on the written word.  Continue Reading

Join Us at COE 2010

Even if you’re not able to attend COE 2010 Annual Conference this year, join us for live updates from the event by following us on Twitter.  Razorleaf is also presenting at the event, and we are posting our presentations to If you do happen to be at the event, you can meet up with us on Tuesday at 6PM and Wednesday at 1PM in the TechniFair (at the Adaptive booth, #407). Continue Reading

Razorleaf at COE 2010 Annual Conference

Razorleaf will present at COE 2010 Annual Conference on April 19, 20, and 21, 2010. Michael Craffey from Razorleaf will be delivering two presentations, “ENOVIA SmarTeam and V6 Readiness” and “Tweaking 3DLive on ENOVIA SmarTeam.” Brian Olsen from Razorleaf will be presenting “Setting Up Catalogs in ENOVIA SmarTeam” and “SmarTeam Attribute Mapping for Word and Excel.” Jonathan Scott from Razorleaf will deliver “ENOVIA SmarTeam Deployment at AS&E.” Continue Reading