Configuring EPDM Dashboard in Office2PDM

EPDM Dashboard is a very interesting part of the Office2PDM package – it provides a quick look into the status of files in your SolidWorks Enterprise PDM vault.  Despite its obvious usefulness, configuring the tool requires a few pieces of information, and following a couple of simple steps.  Here are the basics of getting EPDM Dashboard for Office2PDM setup and running. Continue Reading

Searching Tip: Context

Are you ready to take your search capabilities to the next level?  If you’re like many professionals today, you’re inundated by information at work, and sifting your way through it can be challenging.  You probably already use Google, Bing, or some other search engine for the Internet.  And maybe you even use the search tools built into Microsoft Windows, built into your applications, or built into your smartphone.  But if you’re not using this tip on search context, give it a read and see how it can help you sift through that growing mountain of information you deal with every day.   Continue Reading

EPDM and FDA Compliance

One of the common misconceptions about 21 CFR Part 11 (the body of law that governs medical device makers in the United States) is that there are software packages available that can make companies compliant with the law.  Being compliant with these regulations requires that your process be compliant, and even the best software can’t really make you 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.  However, software can certainly provide enablers and automation to allow for faster, more efficient, better integrated, and easy-to-use processes.  SolidWorks EPDM has some functions and tools built-in to help companies conform to the FDA requirements.  Continue Reading

Selecting or Customizing Variants in TactonWorks

There are two extremes when driving components in design automation systems: on one end of the spectrum, you can allow users to only select pre-defined components (Configure-to-Order) and on the other end of the spectrum, you can let users create their own parts by driving the dimensions and features of the parts with infinite flexibility (Engineer-to-Order).  Which of these models is TactonWorks following with variants?  Are we just selecting variants, or are we customizing them, or are we doing both?  Continue Reading

Oracle Database Report for SmarTeam

For those of you running an Oracle database as your repository for SmarTeam, check out this helpful utility.  The SmarTeam Database Oracle General Report tool is a collection of plain text files containing batch commands and SQL statements that can generate a detailed HTML report of key Oracle statuses and settings.  The tool is available from Dassault’s support site by searching for QA00000002533.  Continue Reading

ENOVIA SmarTeam .NET Problems

Multiple ENOVIA SmarTeam versions are currently experiencing problems as a result of a series of Microsoft Windows Updates published earlier this year.  Specifically, the problems are related to several SmarTeam executables, including SmarTeam Editor, the SmarTeam Workflow Service, and other SmarTeam executables.  The core problem is that Microsoft appears to have changed their implementation of some garbage collection code in all versions of the .NET Framework, and this code is fundamental to a number of applications like SmarTeam.   Continue Reading

Gotcha with Oracle 11g for SmarTeam

For those of you planning to move to Oracle 11g with SmarTeam V5R20, watch out for this one.  With 11g, Oracle has introduced a feature called Deferred Segment Creation.  Generally speaking, this is a nice feature because it saves space in exports and eliminates unneeded storage allocation in many databases.  It can create problems with ENOVIA SmarTeam, however.  Continue Reading