Better SmarTeam Reports

While databases’ main purpose are generating reports on all of the data that they manage, data management systems somehow don’t include all of the tools required to create “every report” that users need. Through the use of the SMARTEAM Application Programming Interface (API), Razorleaf has been able to generate custom reports of virtually any shape and form. The majority of these forms were generated in Microsoft Excel or Word, but they could just as easily go to any format.

The user typically initiates reports, although they can be scheduled for regular times through a custom script that adds an option to a right-mouse menu. By doing this, it allows us to report on the object that was right-selected. The next step involves a custom written Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that uses the SMARTEAM API to extract the relevant information. The DLL can also link directly to Word, Excel or other applications and deposit the information in any format required.

The SMARTEAM API provides a lot of very robust functionality that allows scripts and programs to grab a variety of information from an object, its parents/children, links and linked objects, and virtually any information in the database.

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