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Razorleaf to Exhibit at PI Congress with Rand 3D

Product-Innovation-Logo--300x196Razorleaf will be exhibiting at PI Congress with Rand 3D on November 17-18, 2015 in Boston. This event brings together the PLM community in a unique way to enable PLM users or organizations looking to invest in PLM software to speak 1:1 with exhibitors and have frank conversations about their needs and challenges.

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Rodney Coffey leads two sessions at Autodesk University

Autodesk University LogoComing up at Autodesk University December 1st – 3rd in Las Vegas, our very own Rodney Coffey will be presenting two topics for Autodesk PLM 360 users:
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Razorleaf Introduces Clover A New Integration Platform


Razorleaf Introduces Clover™, a New Open Integration Platform that Supports Any-to-Any Endpoint Integration for PLM Applications

First Clover Endpoints Offered for Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to Enable Seamless Coexistence

Stow, OH – October 27, 2015 – Razorleaf Corporation today introduced Clover, its new open integration platform that is designed to provide any-to-any endpoint integrations to support a rapid implementation, migration or upgrade of PLM applications and databases. Clover’s integration capabilities will exchange data with systems outside of PLM including ERP, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Industrial Automation, 3D hardware, and Content Management Systems (CMS) using open interface protocols. PLM/CAD vendors supported include Dassault Systèmes®, ARAS®, Autodesk®, DriveWorks, SharePoint, Infor, Siemens and others.
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Cloning Items: Playing the Game with Additional Owners

Additional Owners MarkupIn a previous post, we covered how to set up your Autodesk PLM 360 tenant to clone an item to a specific state in a workflow. If your organization makes use of the Additional Owners field and requires cloning it as well, you’ll need to do further configuration & scripting. Watch this video to understand the steps for cloning Additional Owners!
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Multiple Project Tracking in Autodesk PLM 360

Autodesk PLM 360 LogoAutodesk 360 Graph of Projects - Tiny

If your company manages high-volume, high-turnover projects, you may need a better method to keep track of all the projects; especially when it comes to knowing which ones are blocked or impeded. We recently helped a company configure Autodesk PLM 360 to store and manage their project data by:

  • Leveraging a custom-built workflow
  • Graphing the data to track the status of multiple (40+) projects in a single view

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Maintaining Data: You Can Make a Project for That?

The quandary often arises concerning managing the data that DriveWorks needs. With the QueryData function, we can access SQL databases and other ODBC sources. This is typically the route that people take when they decide that others outside of the DriveWorks administrators need to manage this type of information. With new functionality, like Group Tables and new specification tasks, this data can be stored inside of DriveWorks, and managed by DriveWorks users, not just administrators. Using a quick and easy DriveWorks project, users can add, delete and even edit internal and external table data and even manage DriveWorks users.

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Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

logo-qubica-amf2 Generations of children have stood in wonder on their first trip to a bowling alley, mesmerized by the smooth motion of the automatic pinsetters and the sight of brightly colored balls spinning up the ball return. The technology that makes a bowling alley operate isn’t magic – it just seems that way.

Download PDF Version

Download PDF Version

Behind the scenes AMF Bowling, a division of QubicaAMF , engineers a complex and carefully timed dance of moving parts to be both rugged and precise. AMF designs and fabricates most of the parts it uses and assembles everything from the ball returns to the laminates for the flooring. The pinspotter, for example, includes more than 3,800 different parts, all of which must be engineered to work smoothly without clashing.

Managing such complexity isn’t easy, as Brian Williamson, CAD-PDM Administrator and design engineer with QubicaAMF Worldwide, will be the first to admit. “When I got here four years ago, I think I spent more time trying to locate the designs for the parts in our machines than I did designing new ones,” he says. “CAD files were scattered all over the network and on local drives with very little chance of being found again so they could be reused.”
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