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In the News

Razorleaf’s New SharePoint Performance Utility

part-for-sharepoint-green-medThis week, Razorleaf is announcing the release of a new utility, PART for SharePoint. PART (Performance Assessment and Reporting Tool) for SharePoint is designed to help optimize SharePoint/SQL Server environments to maximize performance. PART for SharePoint is the cumulative effort of Razorleaf’s team of experienced, certified SharePoint Professionals and SQL Server DBAs.

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Aras Innovator and Raspberry Pi

Aras A Logo with Raspberry Pi Logo At Razorleaf, we’re all about innovative process solutions, and one of our consultants, Dennis Lindinger, recently proved that point. Dennis built custom hardware AND software for Aras Innovator to highlight the power of special purpose Innovator clients. The real-world usage scenario at work here is for accessing shop floor work instructions and logging serialized assembly processes. Keep reading to learn more about what our resident Maker, Dennis, created and how you can leverage it. Full Article >


ENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 Released

ENOVIA V5-6R2013 LogoENOVIA SmarTeam V5-6R2013 was recently released, and there are a few noteworthy points about the release. This is the thirteenth release of ENOVIA SmarTeam version 5 (the first release of V5 was V5R10 and V5R15 was skipped), and it includes very limited enhancements as well as a number of bug fixes. Full Article >


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DriveWorks 11: Pulling The Trigger(ed Action)

Icon for DriveWorks Triggered ActionsAsk people in the DriveWorks community about what was introduced in DriveWorks 11 and Triggered Actions will come up frequently. What may not come up is what DriveWorks Triggered Actions really are, how Triggered Actions are used, and why they’re worth digging into. Well it is time to clear this up once and for all.

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Aras Innovator Visualization and Viewing Strategy

Aras Visualization ImageMost major PLM vendors have a 2D and 3D visualization strategy based on their own proprietary file format. However, Aras has introduced a standards-based visualization strategy based on PDF, making PLM content more open, accessible, and widely consumable. Aras’ approach has impacts beyond PLM users and could open up 3D usage to entirely new categories of enterprise users.

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Windows 8 and LUM

windows-8-lum-article-imageWindows 8 and LUM: Not a match made in heaven. Getting IBM’s License Use Management (LUM) to successfully install on a Windows 8 machine takes a few tricks. Fortunately for you, here at Razorleaf we’ve laid out the exact steps you need to take to successfully accomplish this installation. What follows is a step-by-step of what you’ll need to do.

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Our Customers

We are proud to work with the following organizations and welcome the opportunity to work with yours.
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Success Story

Razorleaf Helps AMF Bowling Score a Strike with SmarTeam

logo-qubica-amf2 Generations of children have stood in wonder on their first trip to a bowling alley, mesmerized by the smooth motion of the automatic pinsetters and the sight of brightly colored balls spinning up the ball return. The technology that makes a bowling alley operate isn’t magic – it just seems that way.

Download PDF Version

Download PDF Version

Behind the scenes AMF Bowling, a division of QubicaAMF , engineers a complex and carefully timed dance of moving parts to be both rugged and precise. AMF designs and fabricates most of the parts it uses and assembles everything from the ball returns to the laminates for the flooring. The pinspotter, for example, includes more than 3,800 different parts, all of which must be engineered to work smoothly without clashing.

Managing such complexity isn’t easy, as Brian Williamson, CAD-PDM Administrator and design engineer with QubicaAMF Worldwide, will be the first to admit. “When I got here four years ago, I think I spent more time trying to locate the designs for the parts in our machines than I did designing new ones,” he says. “CAD files were scattered all over the network and on local drives with very little chance of being found again so they could be reused.”
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